Green Products

This special product portfolio, It raises to provide resources to the small and medium producers to the productive reconversion. Likewise, that it is linked to the international market. Is allocated the equivalent to almost the ten per cent of the portfolio of credit total of financial FDL, where are interest rates lower and longer timeframes to achieve impacts desired in the restructuring and capitalization of our customers.

The objective is facilitate resources to medium and long term to finance investments of support to processes of conversion productive and improvements in the productivity. These loans van accompanied of training and assistance technical provided by specialists.

The portfolio of development products are:

Establishment of plantations: This credit provides customer conditions that allow you to establish new or renovate the Evergreen or semi-evergreen areas such as fruit tree plantations, coffee or banana. The aim is to allow accompany the process of capitalization of customers. Business capitalization: This appropriation is intended to, give the opportunity to guests or children of clients who have become independent age, make it through an investment loan. This credit strengthens the development and increase of the competitiveness of micro-entrepreneurs.

ECOMICRO: before the effects of the changing climate, have available the product financial green for the adaptation to the changing climate known as "ECOMICRO", which is to grant credit to producers invest in measures adaptation, such as: harvesting of water, construction of wells, incorporation of systems of irrigation and handling silvo-pastoral of the livestock.

Solar panels: Through this credit, Financial FDL aims to meet the demand of residents of areas rural of all the country, so can count with light in their homes and farms, through the acquisition funded electricity generation system.