Financial Products

Financial FDL caters both to the sector rural as urban, with a catalogue of products designed to adapt to the various activities of customers. See video here

The products financial is in accordance to the dynamic of our customers, Therefore, short-term loans are offered to take advantage of business opportunities or sales of season; of medium-term capital work and improvements and long-term investments.

Financial FDL has credits from US $ 100 up to US $ 300 thousand dollars, in North American dollars or national currency, time from two months to take advantage of seasonal sales, up to 72 months for the purchase of housing. The frequency of payment varies according to the activity economic of the customers: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, at maturity, half-yearly, quarterly or irregular.

Micro loans, small and medium businesses:

  • Credits in group solidarity or individual.
  • For working capital, sales of season, equipment purchase, personal expenses, improvement of housing.
  • Other financial products from US$ 100 to US$ 10,000
  • Maximum period 18 months.

Loans for SMEs:

  • Credits in individual category.
  • For working capital, sales of season, equipment purchase, personal expenses, improvement of housing.
  • From US $ 10,001 up to US $ 300 thousand dollars
  • Term up to 36 months

Loans for agricultural or livestock:

  • Credits in individual and group mode.
  • For working capital, investments, establishment of plantations, equipment purchase.
  • From US $ 100 up to US $ 10 thousand dollars.
  • Term up to 48 months

Loans for investment and development products:

  • Environmental credits.
  • Para establecimiento de medidas de adaptación al cambio climático: silvopastoril, cosecha y conservación de agua, sistema de riego y diversificación productiva
  • Equipment purchase.
  • They include training and technical assistance.
  • From $100 to $100,000
  •  Term up to 60 months

Loans to employees.

  • Individual loans.
  • For personal expenses, improvement or expansion of housing, purchase of motorcycles or vehicles, home buying, working capital.
  • From US $ 100 up to US $ 100 thousand dollars.
  • Plazo hasta 48 meses