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Financial FDL began operations on May 3 of the 2016, After meet the requirements and be approved by the Superintendency of banks and other financial institutions, SIBOIF.

At the start of operations, Financial FDL, directors receive a portfolio of US $ 90.0 placed millions in 70.0 thousand customers, distributed in: agricultural sector: $31.5 million, (35%) improvement of housing US$ 24.3 million, (27%) trade and service $28.8 million, (32%) and consumption with $5.4 million, (6%).

Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer productos financieros que contribuyan al desarrollo nacional a través de la capitalización de las familias, principalmente rurales; para lo cual, además de crédito, ofrecemos servicios no financieros mediante la firma de alianzas estratégicas. De esta forma se brinda asistencia técnica y capacitación, apoyo en la comercialización de productos agropecuarios, y seguridad en las inversiones que realizan nuestros clientes.

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Financial FDL offers products and services individual or group in various sectors. Meet some of our clients

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Find the branches, payment points and hours in which you can make your payments throughout the country.

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We are in the ongoing search for talented people, wanting to take career, with a high sense of ethics to work with us. If you are interested in, complete this form and we contact.

Financial Education

Complying with transparency in information, Financial FDL below you general concepts about the Micro credit and the formulas of calculation of the interest and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It consolidated from questions frequently asked of clients, We have compiled them phone calls, emails and of the management to the client across the network of branches.

Aplication For Loan

Financial FDL offers various types of loans. In the section products and services find out more information about the types of credits available. We invite you to visit any of our branches will be happy to assist you.

Financial Information

Activos US$ 90,916.3
Cartera US$ 60,733.6
Patrimonio 19,124.6
Clientes 49,268


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