Our customers

Financial FDL It offers products and services individually or in solidarity groups in various sectors.

We share the experience and testimonials from some people who are or were our customers in that particular and important moment of their lives:

Uriel Carrillo López.

Customer branch Rivas.

Uriel Carrillo López, es un cliente que ha tenido más de 30 credits, habita en la ciudad de Rivas, es taxista y también tiene una soda. A continuación su testimonio.

Yimi Alberto Manzanares.

Cliente Sucursal San Carlos, Río San Juan.

Alberto Manzanares, habita en San Carlos, Río San Juan, es cliente desde hace 4 años y con los crédito ha logrado diversificar su negocio.

José Enrique Castillo

Garden City Branch customer, Managua.

José Enrique Castillo is client of Financiera FDL from ago 10 years. When he came to find its first financing their economic situation was not good. He says that he had no business and instead had many debts and was desperate to improve their opportunities.

With the first financing he managed to start a plastic utensils factory. It produces vessels, dishes, panas and piggy banks and distributes for smaller merchants and sells to the wholesale also.

Over the years and given its responsibility with credit, It was getting more and more loans. To start a second business; a workshop of lathe and mechanical that it has employed more of 10 people, similar to the factory.

"Imagine you before and I had a job now have more than" 6 employees at the factory, more than 10 employees in the workshops, then, I am generating jobs, I've contributed in that regard", us says satisfied José Henry, who with his recent credit acquired three properties where managed to build cellars for their business.

Lucio Acuña

The Cua branch customer, Jinotega.

Lucio Acuña, After several years of finance their work through financial FDL, He became a producer of coffee and livestock.

"When I started to work categorically I had nothing. The benefits of FDL is that has me rating and whenever I credits I have consulted you, not I have refused and through the credit I've been able to improve the farm, I have been able to plant more coffee, I have also been able to buy more land and I have become a small merchant".

Lucio also grows in livestock through credits granted our financial, with them he acquired several heads of cattle and was introduced to another productive branch allowing the increase in their income. For this small producer attention and low interests of FDL represent the most valuable to continue to grow through this institution.

Marcia Núñez

Garden City Branch, Managua.

Marcia Núñez has 10 years as client of Financiera FDL started a loan with low and slowly and with much effort was building his business. A distributor of automotive accessories in the Eastern market.

Today Marcia access loans of up to 10 thousand dollars in financial FDL and has managed to expand its business with which guarantees job security to more of 10 people and their family.

José Nicolás Aguirre German

Sucursal Masatepe, Masaya. More than 30 credits (San Marcos, Carazo)

In the year 1993 José Nicolás Aguirre had in the municipality of San Marcos, Carazo, a plot of land in which cultivated chayotes. For that then FDL began operations and granted him a credit of 2,000 cordobas that diversified its plot, growing beans, corn and vegetables.

Years later she also promoted a Distributor, It is today one of the largest and most prosperous of your community. "FDL is my right arm, you thank you very much to the direction of FDL and managers at the national level (...) because they have pushed me". Don José tells us, who from that first loan has received 30 more and today already exceeds the ceiling of 30 thousand dollars.

For him there is no better reward than seeing the results of his effort after so many years of work and still exploring other areas of the hand of our financing programs, because it ensures that the key is diversification.

Maribel Sequeira

Cliente Sucursal Río Blanco. 18 credits (Bocana de Paiwas Bocana, RACS)

Maribel Sequeira was raised in a farm community mouth of Bocana de Paiwas in the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean. Given the difficult economic conditions that lived his family and the remoteness of the city, He could hardly conclude elementary school, but you always liked work and generate their own income, so to the 19 years and just 700 cordobas started their small business: a grocery that was supplying to several nearby communities.

In the year 2005 He learns of the FDL credit plans and manages. With that first loan added to their grocery section of clothing and footwear which allowed him to grow at an accelerated pace.

With time and more than 18 loans granted, It also acquired livestock and land and was able to further consolidate their economic situation and give better opportunities to his family, changing completely the reality which had begun his life.

"No one will have the confidence to give me that loan and that is that I've achieved and I had those lands, I have my house which is the main thing. When one does not have many resources, does not support costs rise, but nothing is hard everything is one proposed and go ahead and tell, I can do it" recommend this courageous woman, which showed that the will and effort can overcome any obstacle. His dream have short time a very big with the support of financial FDL tent.