Microfinance institution leader


Financial FDL began operations on May 3 of the 2016, After meet the requirements and be approved by the Superintendency of banks and other financial institutions, SIBOIF.

At the start of operations, Financial FDL, directors receive a portfolio of US $ 90.0 placed millions in 70.0 thousand customers, distributed in: agricultural sector: $31.5 million, (35%) improvement of housing US$ 24.3 million, (27%) trade and service $28.8 million, (32%) and consumption with $5.4 million, (6%).

Our goal is to offer financial products that contribute to national development through the capitalization of families, mainly rural; for which, In addition to credit, We offer non-financial services by means of strategic alliances. In this way provides technical assistance and training, support in the marketing of agricultural products, and safety in the investments made by our customers.


"Financial FDL is a regulated financial institution whose purpose is to provide financial services to the population. We develop special efforts to attend to the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to employees and urban and rural people, in order to promote financial sustainability and social and environmental development of our customers'.


Financial FDL is displayed as a national leader, and an important actor at the regional level, in the provision of financial services to the rural and urban sectors serving, offering a range of products and services highly technified, to facilitate the expansion of financial inclusion and to respond to the demands of customers in the development of their economic or personal activities, In addition to promoting appropriate partnerships, either for the provision of financial services or to favour them relying on services non-financial.


1. Equity in access to services

2. Professional ethics

3. Spirit of service

4. Respect

5. Ideological tolerance

6. Efficiency and effectiveness